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organization will be assigned a dedicated account manager.

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Management can concentrate on the company's overall strategy and operations.

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For rapid applications, you'll need a network that spans all government departments as well as your own typing team.

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Meeting deadlines for new bulk recruitment

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Document clearance simply refers to obtaining the necessary permitted documentation to establish a firm. Documents differ from one firm type to the next, depending on the number of appointed employees, employee nationalities, and a variety of other factors. Because of the frequent swings in company legislation and currency, document clearing can be difficult and complicated. As a result, using an agency to assist you with the procedure is the most efficient method to save money and time.

Business Setup

Dubai is one of the dream destinations for people who wish to set up a new business. We help you set up your business depending on how you want to prosper at present and the future.

PRO services

We provides businesses in the UAE assistance with all activities related to legal administration. We will ensure that you don’t just have a successful startup for your business, but that things continue to run smoothly throughout the life of your business.

Employment, family visa and visa renewals

Under UAE legislation, many types of visas are available, and the type of visa that should be applied for is always determined by the visitor's entry purpose.

Visit visa and extensions

Want to visit UAE ?

Emirates ID services

We've partnered with a number of government agencies to assist you in obtaining your Emirates ID and completing the legally mandated medical services for visa issuance and renewal.

MOL services

We've partnered with a number of government agencies to assist you in obtaining your Labor Card.

Legal Translations

We are an accredited and certified company for legal translation services approved by the UAE Ministry of Justice from the UAE Government.

Insurance services

We works with our investment teams to identify areas of risk or exposure our clients may face and help find ways to mitigate them.

Attestation services

We can help you with any Attestations, Legalizations, Authentications, or Translations that you may require for any form of document.

Printing and photocopy services

Legal printing

Business Consult

From strategy to implementation, our team of professionals will work with you to help you speed your digital transformation.

General Questions

We have a specialized team for writing and creating different types of contracts whether they are supplier or client ones.

All our contracts are written under the international and UAE law to protect you and your business.

The clearance certificate is more akin to an award presented to an employee who has decided to leave their current employer. The certificate proves that the employee worked for the company in question.

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We think that providing exceptional client service is critical to our success, and our entire company is structured to achieve this purpose.

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Across several federal government bodies, we work with some of the most well-known sectors.