Project Management

We at ASK project Management are assisted by qualified, experienced, and expert technical staff to deliver our technical training to the candidates.

Interactive Web Content and Copy Writing

We create and develop high quality that is not only SEO-friendly, but also very engaging in selling your goods, communicating with customers, and building your company.

Web Hosting and Domain Registrations

We offer hosting in competitive and cost effective. Our professional web hosting will allow you to benefit many advantages that will give your company enhanced productivity. With our distinguished  service, you will experience high quality technical support and web security.

Website Management & Maintenance

Our digital experts will ensure that your website retains your customer base, educates and extends them. Via web analytics, maintain blogs and other content while generating revenue for your business.

Website Design & Development

We are a web design and development company with vast experience and a track record that guarantees that your brand interacts with your customers significantly.
Beyond immediate business needs, our strategy is to frame your project as an ongoing continuation of the core promise of your brand. (WordPress, Ecommerce, etc.)

Ask Project Management Services

We are one of the professionals in managing and leading projects across UAE and GCC. We are a member of ASK International Group, a prestigious group under the Chairmanship of Mr. Yassir Al Newishi, approved and accredited by the Government of Dubai, Ministry of Labor & Economic Department.

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Tap Into More Prospects

Research Driven

Our consultants are goal-oriented and can use their expertise and knowledge from various industries to your benefit.

Research & Analysis

We perform in-depth market research on your target audience. It doesn't stop there; we also go above and beyond to assist you in evaluating and interpreting the findings so you can see how you can gain. It's a fact: We always base our business advice on analysis and hard data.

Business Development with Plan and Strategy

Our Professional market development team will find profitable opportunities for your company and develop new revenue resources. As an organization trying to make a difference in the world, we'll help you diversify and scale.

Creative Thinking & Innovation

Today's companies are trying to blend innovation and business acumen. Our consultants will use imagination and innovation to design and execute strategies that will not only address your business needs in a specific way., but will also distinguish your company and give it a competitive advantage.

Operation & Management

The activity and management services offered by ASK International Group will assist you in preparing, coordinating, and optimizing your business process. We'll show you how to effectively channel your materials and labour into goods and services in order to maximize benefit.

Market Analysis & Feasibility Study

We recognize how essential a business setup is, especially in a new setting. An comprehensive feasibility study of your company will be undertaken by our team of professional consultants. We'll use the results to provide you with insights that will help your company grow and prosper.


People use search engines to find knowledge because it is one of the most common and quickest ways to do so. To help you develop your company, our digital experts will use strategic SEO techniques like keyword analysis , blogging, content management, and monitoring to make sure your brand is visible online.

Content Marketing

What you put out is a huge force that motivates and engages the audience. Not only will we assist you in producing content that will create you as an industry authority, but we will also assist you in telling your brand tale. People only buy from brands for which they can associate in this day and age.

Online Engagement

We assume that the best way to connect, receive input, and gauge public opinion is on social media. Relating on social media will illustrate to the public that the business is humane and concerned .


When done correctly, advertisement is enough to imprint the company in people's minds. We'll design and execute exciting campaigns to help you launch your company online and meet a global audience. We won't stop there; we'll continue to track and analyse these ads before they hit their maximum potential.

Mobile Marketing

We put forward our best innovative efforts in order to bring rea value to mobile users. Our products are built to motivate, engage, and delight mobile users, whether it's through creative ad formats that elevate the mobile experience or contextual and personalized recommendations that drive discovery.

Social Media Strategy

Every department in an organisation, from public relations to marketing, product development to human resources and finance, is affected by social media. As a result, establishing a successful social strategy necessitates the development of an effective social media strategy.